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What Nana said

by | May 31, 2024

You can flow care through any emotional state: love, joy, anger, disappointment, sadness — all of it. The key is to apply our presence to whatever is present.

Sometimes when people hear me talk about frequency and energetic states, they mistakenly think that I’m all about happiness, joy, gratitude, or even bypassing what is.

Those close to me know that I do not shy away from hard feelings or circumstances, although I do have preferences.

I do not believe in shying away from anger, annoyance, grief — for it is the acceptance and the way we move through these states that creates transformation, moving us more closely into alignment with our desired experience.

Earlier today I was feeling agitated by the amount of hustle and bustle in my usually quiet household. Knowing that it would soon again be quiet, and that I wanted to be present for the remainder of my schedule, I asked myself what might be the best way to shift my energy.

I heard my Nana’s voice, Make soup.
I smiled, hopped in my car and drove seven minutes to the organic farm down the road, returning with arms full of freshly picked asparagus.

I used to think that I had to be happy or in a good mood to cook or else the food wouldn’t have love in it, and it wouldn’t taste as good.
Then I thought of my Nana, an amazing cook who turned her skills into a career when her husband died at war in 1944 and was left to raise my mother on her own.
Nana was fierce, loving, bold, generous and powerful and ultimately became the head chef and hostess of her own restaurant.

There are stories of Nana’s temper in the kitchen, something I never experienced directly, yet know to be true.
And it simply isn’t possible that she was always happy when she was cooking.
Yet her restaurant was always full of happy, well fed patrons and she loved being the hostess.

So one day in meditation I asked her, How did you cook so many meals for so many years and consistently well?

She responded, You don’t need to be happy or in a state of love to cook delicious food.
You need to be present and focused, not distracted. And most of all, you need to care.
Do that, and whatever you make will be delicious, healing and pleasurable.
And when you need a little extra goodness, hold a few crystals of salt in your hand, bless them until you can feel them vibrate, stir them in, and voila.
That’s it. That’s the secret recipe.

Simply having purchased the asparagus and pulled the previously made broth from the freezer, my energy is already cleared.
I feel grounded and present.
And from this place I can flow care into whatever comes my way, hustle and bustle or not.
But for now I’ll enjoy the or not.

I’ll leave you with this. If you find yourself avoiding something you enjoy because you aren’t happy / joyful / fill in the blank enough, what might happen if you were to get present and dive into that same activity with your full attention?
It may be an experiment worth testing, and I would love to hear how it feels.

Love + Magic,