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My first snake

by | Jun 8, 2024

On Sunday, I saw my first real-life snake.

We were gardening. I went to the greenhouse to retrieve a trowel, and there he was.

Realizing I know nothing about snakes, I took a short video, strolled back to the garden and, showing the video to M, asked: Do I need to be concerned? Is this dangerous? He responded with, I don’t know because I can’t see his head in the video. Let’s go see.

I’m fascinated with nature and its innate intelligence. I’m always learning something new, including this: snakes value their venom and consider it expensive to use, therefore using it wisely and with discretion. For example, its primary use is to kill prey for food and they will only use it against a human if they sense danger, i.e. about to be stomped on by a frightened human.

This morning, speaking with a client, we were discussing a prickly relationship where he finds himself reactive, describing his own language as becoming mean.

I shared the snake story. Why? Because maybe that’s an energy that’s best saved for a true attack.

One might then ask if words are expensive since they’re unlimited. But here’s the thing, whatever I speak, first moves through every cell of my body. Each word has a frequency. So, if I’m speaking in a way that’s aggressive or mean, that same frequency lands in my own cells well before it reaches the other person.

To me, that’s very expensive.

Love + Magic,