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Loving potential

by | May 17, 2024

This is an invitation to fall in love with potential.

What did you say?
That is terrible advice.
I did that once.

Well yes, probably we all have. Yet did we actually fall in love with potential?
Or did we fall in love with thinking that we could change things that weren’t ours to change?

Falling in love with potential is actually acknowledging possibility.

It is being able to see through the gunk, beyond what’s wrong and messy to the perfect order, the possibility of beauty, connection, abundance and more.

This has been swirling around in my head as I watch nature bloom all around me. I’m living in a new home with a mature garden that surprises me with vegetables and flowers that I have no idea are coming until they arrive.

Sure, I was told there is an asparagus patch.
Yet I had no idea that one morning I would see small green tips poking their heads through the soil, and the next evening there would be stalks tall enough for dinner.
I could have just looked at the soil and decided there really wasn’t any anything happening and dug it up and planted something new, impatiently. Instead, I decided to believe in possibility and was delightfully surprised.

Each morning I go for a walk barefoot through the garden.
And yes, I have full-on conversations with the plants.
They are interesting beings.

Yesterday M bounced out of bed when he heard me squeal with glee at the arrival of the lilac blossoms. Their aroma has yet to arrive, but their buds are expanding and beginning to open. Pure joy!
This potential of beauty, of fragrance, of blossoms was there in the dead of winter, when instead of lilacs, they looked like dead sticks.

What I didn’t do was try to make the lilacs into peonies or convince the asparagus to become broccoli.

Instead, I looked for their unique expression of lifeforce. Rather than try to change or control, I got present to what was and watched the unfoldment of possibility within each plant.
Just as nature flourishes day to day, so do we humans.

And we’re much more likely to do that when people don’t impress their desire for us to change. And, if and when they do, we just say No.

Isn’t it more appealing to become a more fully expressed version of oneself, than to bend into what we are not?

Send me a field report, I love to read them.

Love + Magic,