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Is bad good ?

by | Jul 5, 2024

I don’t like bad noises, and I am picky about volume. Unless, of course, I’m at an Elton John concert or joyfully singing at the top of my lungs to Kirk Franklin—a noise my 12-year-old daughter once described as both loud and bad, understandably.

Yes, both loud and bad are subjective. For two days straight, I had bad noises in my home, and they were very loud. And they made me happy! In fact, I was not only grateful, but they brought me delight.

Why? Because it meant that the chimneys, inconveniently placed in spaces where I wanted more flow, were now leaving.
It felt like freedom—obstacles being removed. Space was created where I can now design and create my home in my vision.

Yes, a week of gratitude for bad noises.

We each apply our resources to what we most value.
Simply put, if you place a lot of value on books, you probably own a lot of them. They are well cared for. You spend time and money acquiring them and are happy to do so.

What really landed for me this week was the power of our emotional body as a resource. While jackhammers in another situation might agitate my nervous system, my body was light, grounded, and happy. Viscerally so. And in a way that both M and the gentlemen working expressed their surprise and delight at my emotional state while living in a dusty, noisy house with bits of concrete everywhere.

And it was true.

Yet, I am also clear that if I hadn’t been aligned with the purpose of this messy, noisy project, I would have felt annoyed.

Instead, I am grateful.

Gratitude, love, and delight might be just as important as our time and money. And they are always available.

Love + Magic,