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apple pencil incident

by | Jun 28, 2024

Earlier this week, M called me from the studio asking if I had seen his Apple Pencil.

After quickly checking the usual places, still no Apple Pencil. M composes daily and doesn’t like to type, so his flow was interrupted..

Later that evening, after dinner, we checked both vehicles, retraced his steps, and essentially looked in the cookie jar—still no Apple Pencil. Feeling frustrated and perplexed, he said, I always put it in this little pouch of my backpack. Where could it be?

I responded, I understand. Sometimes the ancestors hide things from me too.
Shall I order you a new one? That way, when it shows up, you’ll have one for the studio and one for home.

M: No. Thank you, though. I just want to find it.

As someone with a high value on order (which doesn’t always come naturally), I totally get this. We all spend our resources—time, energy, money—on what we most value. For me, that’s flow, simplicity, beauty, and anything that makes my nervous system happy!

Last night, after our ritual of singing at the piano before bed, we headed upstairs. With a big dose of humor and playfulness, M sang a new song called, Where oh where is my Apple Pencil?

I responded, May I order you one?

M: Okay, thank you.

No less than three minutes later, as he was brushing his teeth, M walked out of the bathroom to tell me something. In the middle of the hallway, where our feet had traveled dozens of times since the missing Apple Pencil incident, there it sat—right in the middle of the floor.

We both cracked up!

M said, It really does take letting go, doesn’t it?

Me: I do find it helpful, though not always easy.

We snuggled into bed, laughing at ourselves and our funny patterns and behaviors with money and minutiae. Grateful that our relationship supports us in healing not only the big ancestral stuff but also the little squiggly things that leak energy in unnecessary and sometimes silly ways.

Love + Magic,